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Q:  What should I bring to Fins?

  • Linen: You are required to bring your own linen: sheets, pillowcases and towels.
  • Food & Drinks:  Buying food on Fraser is expensive so it is a good idea to bring the bulk of your food and drink requirements with you.

Q:  I understand Fins relies on solar with a back-up generator, what impact does this have on what I can use?

  • All appliances supplied at Fins have been selected to operate with the solar system.
  • You cannot use any electrical appliances with a heating element, including but not limited to electric frypans, hairdryers, toasters and portable fridges.
  • It is best to use power-intensive appliances (e.g. washing machine) in the mornings on sunny days.

Q:  I understand Fins has a septic system, what does this mean?

  • You must not flush nappies, personal hygiene items or any other unsuitable items down the toilets. This will cause a blockage in the drains.
  • Do not pour cooking oils or fats down the sinks.

Q:  Do you have a fish cleaning facility?

  • Yes, it is in the back-yard.

Q:  Will my phone work?

  • There is a Telstra tower at Happy Valley so if you use a Telstra service then you will get reception.

Q:  What facilities are available for my baby?

  • We have a port-a-cot and high-chair available for you.  If you intend to use the port-a-cot please ensure you bring your own linen and let us know in advance.